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Computer History Museum panel interview

who wants to watch an hour and a half long video about doodles?!  skip around for information about some day job stuff. 

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Rolling Stone interview about Freddie Mercury

little bit of insight :)

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Freddie Mercury doodle for his 65th birthday :)  I had the pleasure of working on this for a quarter with an amazing team.  Thank you to all the artists, animators, engineers, and Jim Beach for helping realize this project!  

you can also see an interview with NBC about the making of this doodle!

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Jules Verne in HD and press coverage!

ABC7 news came to the office on tues to talk to Kris Hom and me.  here’s the 1 min result hehe:  interview

you can also view the doodle in high definition and without the google logo:  Jules Verne in HD

one more weird thing, the unedited audio from the interview is also available:  Verne interview audio

Mostly, though, thank you to everyone for their wonderful feedback, comments, emails and support :D!

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Interview with CNET

check out the interview and gallery on CNET!

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Interview with Juxtapoz magazine from earlier this week: here!